Our Mission

At Norton & Co Relocation Services, our mission is to successfully relocate sports stars and their families and to raise the standard of external influenced player welfare through serving the players’ and the clubs.

Our Intention

We intend to simplify the relocation process for all involved. The player, the family, the club & the agent. We strive to improve our current relationships and endeavour to build new ones, whether that be with our clients themselves, the clubs or the significant others in a player’s’ life. 

As a club, we will provide your players with a seamless transition from club-to-club, city-to-city, to ensure that they spend less time stressing about admin at home, and more time focusing on what’s important, getting into training and settling into the team.

The Benefits of using Norton & Co

  • Happy Family, Happy Player, Happy Club.

    • This theory is one that we believe in. If the family of the player are happy, the player will be happy which as a result mean he is more focused on matters on the pitch rather than off it. This makes for a happy club too!

  • As a club, using our services couldn’t be simpler. You can either just pass on our details to the new player, and we can liaise with them, or do it through the club as well. Again, a more tailored service to suit your needs.

  • As a player, the time of relocation can be rather inconvenient. You might well be picked for Summer tours with your international squad, your children may not have broken up for summer, or you just want to rest after a long and enduring season. Having us to aid your move, all you have to do is fill in a dossier and make decisions, not have to find all the information yourself!

  • At Norton & Co, our service is all-encompassing and cost-effective! You get a premium service at an affordable cost, what’s not to like!