Welcome to Norton & Co Relocation Services!

We are a tailored sports relocation service aimed at both professional sports stars and clubs.

We are here to provide our clients with a tailored, unique and stress-free experience of moving homes, organising bills & schools and anything else that you and your family may need including insurance and removal service organisation amongst other things!

Norton & Co Relocation Services was set-up by Piers Norton in the summer of 2017, with the aim to benefit sports personalities and their families’ lives by simplifying the move by taking care of it for them. With experience in sports management & property, Piers and Norton & Co are perfectly placed to complete your relocation.

We are strategically priced with fixed rates, so that you can have piece of mind with how much we will cost. Our price is perfectly fitted within the Tax-Free Relocation Allowance within a players contract, so you’re relocation is perfectly budgeted, with plenty of money left over for deposits on houses or white goods for example.

Here you will find all things relocation, whether you want to see which services we offer, what us as a company are about, our mission or to view our blog!

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